STEM Education

Over the past decade, SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS (STEM) education has been moving to the forefront. STEM education gives kids an edge in developing a flourishing career. A growing number of careers require advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge and ability. Introducing science and math at an early age will give students an advantage.

Children learn mostly by what they see and what they touch, hence "the hand is the tool to man's intelligence". STEM Education has emerged as one of the most sought after curriculum design for integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics into the school system for the Early Years and Primary schools respectively.

We know that developing creative skills and the ability to collaborate, is crucial for children's success in school and later in life.
We strive to deliver playful learning experiences focusing on the six learning areas and are developed to be versatile and deliver value. These learning areas are:

  • Creative Exploration

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Understanding the world

  • Language and Literacy

  • Mathematics and Science

  • Design and Technology

We provide STEM Education as an after-school club in schools and our activity centre. We also offer integrated STEM subjects in schools. Explore these possibilities and discover how children are intuitively encouraged to learn together brick by brick.

Creative Builders Club

A tool to develop future world inventors, solution providers and most importantly enhance education in Nigeria.

Co-curricular Activities

Integrating STEM as a subject in schools

Activity Centre

Have a feel of our intensive power-packed STEM activities. Experiments, building, problem solving, critical reasoning and creative display. Enroll at our centre for daily afterschool services.

Quest Camp

Enriching and educative learning experience that integrates STEM and brings real world applications in these areas. Discover a whole new world of adventure in our exciting holiday classes.

STEM Programs


3-5 Years

Stem in Early years play a vital role in developing a child’s creativity skills and lays a perfect foundation for mathematics and science related subjects later in Life. Working with Building Blocks helps develop their fine and gross motor skills they build, solve problems and become inquisitive about the world around them.


5-8 Years

Children exposed to STEM activities at this level have the ability to critically analyse and compare the relationship between inventions and how mechanisms work. They start to imagine alternative ways of getting things done and attempt to create their own. In our world of innovation, creativity is the fuel for new technologies and ideas. STEM education instils creativity which allows students to see problems in new ways and to think outside of the box.


8-15 Years

Children who engage in STEM activities at this stage, build and develop problem solving skills. Students learn how to analyse problems and then work to correct and overcome them through collaboration and application of their skill and knowledge to solve a problem or improve an idea.